The Camnor Group:

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Groupe Camnor

The CAMNOR GROUP is an alliance of six Canadian companies, Conn-X, Trimax Steel, Quirion Metal, EZ Steel, Structures XL and Structures de Beauce, that operate in the structural steel market on an international scale. Together, they have a combined workforce of over 200 people.

The CAMNOR GROUP conducts activities in six sectors: the drafting, engineering, design, fabrication and erection of structural steel and the fabrication of miscellaneous metals.

CAMNOR GROUP members share the same values:

Performance: We are committed to developing each ally’s full potential, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. 
Collaboration: We maintain the independence of each of our allied companies, while also encouraging a free flow of expertise to deliver a truly unique service to our clients. 
Respect: We develop lasting, respectful relationships with our colleagues, clients, subcontractors, and vendors. This ensures we all share ideas in a healthy, win-win environment
Authenticity: We respect who and what we are. This allows us to be authentic, true, and genuine. With us, there are no surprises or hidden agendas. 

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Structures de Beauce

Structures de Beauce – Built to Your Specs

Specialized in the erection of steel structures in the institutional, commercial and industrial sector, STRUCTURES DE BEAUCE has developed a vast expertise in complex and avant-garde projects both big and small. Its reputation for excellence is firmly established throughout Canada.

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